New article at Gurock, “Test-Driven Development: A Love Story?”

TDD: A Love StoryTest-Driven Development: A Love Story? (22-May-2018)
In this blog post for Gurock, I wax rhapsodic about TDD… well, maybe not. I don’t love TDD itself; I love the things that TDD enables me to do. I talk about what those things are, along with a bit of my personal history about how I got here.

New article at Ranorex, “Convincing Your Team to Adopt TDD”

adopting TDDConvincing Your Team to Adopt TDD (15-May-2018)
In this blog post for Ranorex, you’ll pick up a number of ideas about how to approach introducing TDD into your team. While TDD is a simple practice to learn (though a challenge to master), getting developers to think they might want to even consider it is not an easy task. I’ll also talk about why resistance is to be expected.