New article at Ranorex, “Postmodern Agile: A Story of Collaborating Beyond Buzzwords”

postmodern agilePostmodern Agile: A Story of Collaborating Beyond Buzzwords (22-Jun-2018)

Some articles seem slightly embarrassing to me after I see them published. I thought this might be one, but I think the point should be well-taken: we’re way too invested in dogmatic process trappings. This blog post for Ranorex tells the story of a day in a life where we don’t talk about a process, we just live it, with the singular goal of delivering high-quality software frequently.

New article at Gurock, “Balancing Mobbing, Pairing and Solo Work”

mobbing, pairing, soloBalancing Mobbing, Pairing, and Solo Work (21-Jun-2018)

(Well, I like the Oxford comma, even though my editors do not.)

I view modes of working as akin to tools–you want to use the right tool for the right job or situation. In this blog post for Gurock, I talk about the distinctions around appropriateness for mob programming and pair programming. I also admit to enjoying the ability to work alone from time to time.

Interview, “How Unit Testing Improves Code Quality in TDD”

Hardik Shah presents an article, “How Unit Testing Improves Code Quality in TDD.” The first part of the post, hosted at Simform’s site, describes test-driven development (TDD) and unit testing, and also demonstrates a brief example of creating code using TDD.

After presenting some recommendations for practicing TDD, Shah provides three “case studies,” which seem closer to interviews about industry experts’ perceptions of TDD. The three folks involved include J.B. Rainsberger, Frederico Goncalves, and myself.

WeDoTDD: Companies & Teams Practicing Test-Driven Development

Take a moment and head on over to a site that posts detailed information about companies, people, and teams who practice and teach TDD. You’ll pick up some great ideas about what works with TDD in real teams.

You’ll find an in-depth interview with me talking about my TDD experiences as an individual and also with respect to working with my customers. I enjoyed answering the questions, and some of them forced me to think hard about why I do things the way I do.

New webinar video at Ranorex, “Breaking Through the Barriers to BDD”

Breaking Through the Barriers to BDD (14-Jun-2018)

I think I’m getting a better feel for the interview-style webinar, not having done much of them in the past (this is my… um… second one). This webinar is a discussion around things like organizational resistance to BDD, and touches on the core notions for what can make BDD succeed in your organization.

New article at Ranorex, “The ABCs of Acceptance Test Design”

ABCs of acceptance test designThe ABCs of Acceptance Test Design (7-Jun-2018)
In this blog post for Ranorex, I present seven design principles for the tests you’ll craft as part of practicing behavior-driven development (BDD) or acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). Stick to these principles and you’ll create a body of tests that returns many benefits while allowing you to keep your sanity.