New article at Ranorex, “One Thing At a Time: Fighting the Fallacy of Multitasking”

One Thing At a TimeOne Thing At a Time (18-Feb-2019)

In this blog post for Ranorex, I present OTAAT: One Thing At A Time, one of the most effective habits you can adopt as a software developer. From tackling stories to designing tests to refactoring, doing more than OTAAT is a guaranteed way to waste time. I’ll talk about how OTAAT instead helps makes life easier in general.

New article at Ranorex, “Does Mobbing Really Speed Us Up?”

mobbingDoes Mobbing Really Speed Us Up? (5-Nov-2018)

I keep hearing from teams who are mobbing, where everyone is in the same room with a WIP limit of one, that “we go faster.” Really! How is that possible?

In this blog post for Ranorex, I talk about my use of mobbing and pairing in training environments, then segue into a discussion of the value of minimizing WIP. Finally, I present a long list of reasons why mobbing might actually allow teams to go faster.

New article at Ranorex, “Why You Need at Least Three Sets of Eyes on Your Code”

three sets of eyesWhy You Need at Least Three Sets of Eyes on Your Code (9-Jul-2018)

Passive review after code (PRAC) is largely a waste of time.

In this blog post for Ranorex, I provide some reasons why active review is better than PRAC. I discuss pairing and mobbings as two forms of active rule, and present a core rule for review that focuses on outcome instead of mechanism.

New article at Gurock, “Balancing Mobbing, Pairing and Solo Work”

mobbing, pairing, soloBalancing Mobbing, Pairing, and Solo Work (21-Jun-2018)

(Well, I like the Oxford comma, even though my editors do not.)

I view modes of working as akin to tools–you want to use the right tool for the right job or situation. In this blog post for Gurock, I talk about the distinctions around appropriateness for mob programming and pair programming. I also admit to enjoying the ability to work alone from time to time.