TDD Masters Series (5 non-consecutive days)

Audience: programmers. The TDD Masters Series is a 5-week curriculum designed to help developers to learn test-driven development in a manner that emphasizes retention by practice, and in a configuration that's compatible with their work demands.

Class Size: 10 to 16 students
Prerequisites: Six months of professional programming experience
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Pricing / Details

Developers will attend a series of hands-on one-day classes that each emphasize a single critical topic:

  • TDD Foundations: concepts, techniques, the transformation priority premise, refactoring tests
  • Continual Design in TDD: refactoring, TDD and design, micro and macro refactoring patterns, simple design
  • TDD and Test Doubles: dependencies, mocks, stubs, spies, mocking tools, test doubles and design
  • Conquering Legacy Code: legacy mindsets, characterization tests, effects analysis, dependency breaking patterns
  • Advanced TDD: take your skills to the mastery level! The most up-to-date and advanced topics in TDD.

Each single-day class in the series is designed to immerse students in an all-day series of programming exercises centered around the core topic for the day. Classes are ideally scheduled one week apart.

For each of the classes, students are presented with homework exercises, and are expected to devote at least two hours during the week working on the exercises. The exercises are designed to help students retain the techniques and concepts presented during each class. The first portion of subsequent classes is dedicated to review of the homework. Students are also provided with guidelines on how to apply the lessons to their development work in the interrim.

At the end of the course, students will be presented with a final examination and grade. Students with a passing grade will be provided with a certificate of completion.

Pricing / Details

Note: The TDD Masters Series uses the same price basis as other classes; there is no additional charge. The instructor will make a separate trip to the customer site for each of the series classes.