Consulting and Coaching Services

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Development Mentoring / Coaching


I'll sit with your development team and help bring them up a notch, in terms of code quality, customer happiness, confidence, and their enthusiasm about their job and team.

If you're adopting an agile process, there's no better way to learn than to sit with people that have gone through it before!

Agile Transitions


Transitioning to an agile process? There are many approaches, and I've been through and helped many teams in their efforts to become agile. There are also many ways to get it wrong, and I can help you avoid the pitfalls.

Whether you're transitioning to Scrum, XP, or some other custom implementation of agile, I have the deep experience needed to help you succeed. I'll provide you with a roadmap for long-term continued success.

Process Coaching


Team success requires an experienced, impartial, and technically skilled coach. My primary goal when coaching is to put myself out of a job as quickly as possible, by fostering self-sufficiency in the teams I coach.

Success requires engendering trust with the teams I coach; I do this by sitting and working directly with the team members, and by listening to them. Instilling core agile values into a development team doesn't happen overnight. For some teams, short-term coaching can provide some value, but often an initial assessment is a better route.

While most coaching is on-site, I've done extensive distributed development work, and can support coaching in this environment as well.

Process and Technical Assessments


A typical assessment might involve an on-site consultation of about a week. The end product of the assessment is a report, delivered in both oral and written form. This report summarizes the current state, recommends short and long term goals to improve the capabilities of your shop, and overviews a plan to achieve those goals.

Process Assessments I will monitor your development organization's implementation of a process, whether it be Scrum, XP, or some other process (or lack of a process). These assessments will include information on process, practices, skill sets, and organizational structure, and will focus on areas for improvement and recommended steps.

Technical Assessments A software assessment involves comprehensive reviews of existing software. The software is analyzed for maintainability, flexibility, and extensibility. This analysis incorporates design, system and code organization, and adherence to best practices and standards.

Development (Insourcing / Outsourcing)


I provide code development at reasonable rates. I am able to develop either on-site (insourcing) or remotely (outsourcing). You'll get well-tested solutions that exhibit high quality design and code. I can deliver software in Clojure, Java, C#, and C++. I'm also able to pair with your developers.

I've been developing software professionally since 1982. To stay up-to-date and relevant as a consultant and trainer, I make sure I cycle back to full-time development on a regular basis. Most recently, I've been doing full-stack remote development at a startup for over two years, primarily building Clojure code, but I've also been doing Ruby, ClojureScript, CoffeeScript, and JavaScript (with AngularJS). Additional recent technology experience includes AWS, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, postgres, ElasticSearch, and Redis.

Technical Candidate Screening / Interviewing


It's very difficult to hire the right candidates, especially when dozens or hundreds of possibly qualified candidates apply for each open position. Getting a candidate on board means screening stacks of resumes, making dozens of calls, and spending countless hours on interviews. Even after all that effort, you often end up with team members that just aren't contributing like you expected.

I have a large amount of experience and success in screening and interviewing candidates. Using a combination of criteria you designate and my experience from countless interviewing hours, we can identify the high-probability candidates for your further consideration. You'll weed out the apathetic, oversold candidates and end up with the passionate, skilled gems.