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Continuous Design (due 2020)
Robert C. Martin's Clean Agile (contributor)
Pragmatic Unit Testing
Modern C++ Programming with TDD
Agile in a Flash (with Tim Ottinger)
Agile Java
Essential Java Style
Robert C. Martin's Clean Code (contributor)

Books by Jeff Langr

I love software development, and I want to help you--whether you're a manager, team lead, tester, product owner, tester, designer, programmer, devops specialist, or anyone else associated with delivering software--learn how to love it more. I've gathered and embraced a number of techniques, ways of working, and mindsets about software development across a few decades. This accumulated toolset has helped me improve my ability to delivery quality software, which in turn translates to my love for what I do.

Please take a few minutes to poke around my site; perhaps you'll find something of use. You'll find:

  • My blog, containing hundreds of posts
  • A link to the Agile in a Flash blog, where you'll find another 100+ posts
  • A hundred articles on software development
  • Information on software books I've written or helped write
  • A link to my GitHub repo, where you might find useful material for exercises or fun
  • Information about training, coaching, and development consulting services that I provide

Software development can be challenging, fun, and rewarding. It can also be difficult, painful, and discouraging, but that's true of anything worth tackling with a passion. I can help you find and channel that passion.

I'm also up for a conversation any time about software development or how I might help your team. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with me, or find me on Twitter.