Learn TDD in JavaScript!

I’m now ready to deliver TDD training JavaScript (and have already done so for one customer)!

The course is tailorable to your needs; let’s talk and we’ll pin down a course that can work for you. Using Mocha + Chai? Jest? React? React with Redux? Let me know. I’ll make sure we work on classroom exercises that are near & dear to your interests.

Take a look at the Technical Training page for more information about the TDD classes and what they cover. You’ll find two and three day versions of the TDD classes, as well as training in related items such as legacy code. And if you don’t find something that’s an exact fit, I can again shape something up to suit your needs.

Give me a call at 719-287-GEEK, or use the contact form near the bottom of this page.

It's my site! Check out the About page for more about me, or follow me on Twitter at @jlangr.

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