New Site Design Up!

by Jeff Langr

June 16, 2016


A few months ago, I chose to return to operating Langr Software Solutions full-time, after over two-and-a-half years working for the startup Outpace Systems. (I’m still providing development work for them.) Along with that move comes a new site design, intended to update from a 2010-ish look to something a little more modern and responsive.

I’m thrilled with the artwork. Madeleine Einfalt of Artmmmporium provided the commissioned painting of Pikes Peak; I love it. I sketched an attendant “national parks sign” logo, and my sister Christine worked it up professionally and precisely.

Indeed there will be bugs, however. Please let me know of any you spot! Also, I will need to start working to ensure all blog content is moved across; this will take some time. I suspect all the old material can still be reached, however, using the old links.

Hmmm. Why is my article list not coming up, for example? Time to fix that!

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