About Langr Software Solution Colorado Springs, Colorado

Langr Software Solutions, Inc. offers software training, consulting, mentoring, coaching, staffing, and development services, wherever you are in the world. We have delivered services to customers in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia.

We provide a team-level focus on increasing your effectiveness while maximizing the potential of your developers. We can help you compose your teams for success.

In particular, we focus on distributed teams, which offer numerous significant advantages to your company, your employees, your customers, and the environment.

About Langr Software Solution Colorado Springs, Colorado
About Langr Software Solutions

Langr Software Solutions was created in 2003 as a sole proprietorship. The company was incorporated in 2013. The owner, Jeff Langr, is:

  • A software development veteran building software professionally since 1982

  • an author and a blogger who has written five books and over a hundred articles

  • a contributor to the bestselling Clean Code and also to Clean Agile, both by Robert C. Martin

  • a member of the Pragmatic Programmers' technical advisory board.

Our team

Our services to you are provided by Jeff Langr and a small number of trusted, experienced partners.

Customers and Partners

We've serviced a broad range of customers that includes: American Airlines, Arthrex, Bayada, Bayer, CarFax, CheckFree, CommScope, eBay, Dell, Enron (!), Esri, Ford, Gordon Food Service, Grange Insurance, Hosemonster, HP, Key Bank, LexisNexis, Merchants Bonding Company, Nationwide, Northwestern Mutual, Miso Energy, Oracle, Outpace, Pix4D, Sabre, Sonic, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Verizon, the Veteran’s Administration, Visa, and a handful of other companies that choose to remain anonymous.

We've worked closely with and provided services for a number of consulting partners that include Industrial Logic, Icon Agility Services, LeanDog, ProTech, SolutionsIQ, and Wingman Software.

About Langr Software Solution Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our Mission

We'll help you build successful teams that deliver high quality software, no matter where you or your team members live. We'll also help you find the passion, enjoyment, and rewards in addressing the challenge of software development.