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Distributed team coach

Distributed software development coaching and consulting …

Build a competitive distributed development strategy that makes your teams resilient in the face of modern challenges.

  • Employ remote tactics that keep your teams engaged, on the same page, and delivering.

  • Get more from your currently distributed team by helping them cohere and work in concert.

  • Find the right people for your teams. We’ll help you market to and close the sale on the people you need.

… to help you create a distributed development strategy

You need to continually and consistently deliver value. The beauty of software development is that you can develop despite the many obstacles dropped in your path, by adopting a core approach that keeps your teams productive, cohesive, healthy, and happy.

We will help you create (and execute to) a distributed strategy that:

  • helps you hire the right people for your teams, no matter where they live

  • focuses on appropriate levels of team member overlap, in order to promote high levels of collaboration

  • continues to deliver, even in the face of a global pandemic

  • keeps your teams and individuals motivated and enthusiastic about coming to work every day

Langr Software Solutions has helped build successful teams since 2003, including a number of years helping teams remotely. The timing has never been better for us to shift our efforts to emphasizing remote as a primary competitive choice, not just an alternative or fallback solution. We are still ready to help your teams on-site at your location, though we are also ready to help you spread your wings–figuratively–and broaden your development reach.

You’ll feel comfortable knowing you’re working with people who have been there, delivered that, and still managed to keep a smile on their face.

We’ll shape your remote folks into a skilled delivery group that looks forward to working for you every day.

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