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AI-Assisted Development with Verification (AADV) Workshop

Join us online for an enlightening day filled with valuable insights, engaging exercises, and lively discussions. Dive into building software using artificial intelligence.

If you’ve toyed with building code in your LLM, you’ve probably found that it produces low-quality code that’s likely to be broken. In this workshop, learn instead to:

  • help your LLM produce code that does what you asked

  • create more concise, clear code to help you negotiate the correct solution with your LLM

  • craft the verification controls you’ll need for the confidence to ship

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this event is perfect for anyone interested in AI development. Don’t miss this chance to expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded individuals.

This session is offered on a recurring basis at EventBrite.

Contact us if you’d like to secure a private session for your developers.


  • Generating simple solutions

  • Weaknesses of generated code

  • The prime directive

  • Horrifying code

  • The Create-Assess-eXecute (CAX) code & verify cycle

  • Increasing quality by defining a style

  • Describing outcomes with examples

  • Assessing tests

  • Covering all your bases with examples

  • It’s broken: Fixing problems

  • Recharacterizing your code for insights

  • Improving your odds with clearer, concise code

  • Dealing with dependencies

  • Improving your own tooling

  • Creating a server

  • Integration and other tests

  • Further explorations

You’ll be able to participate using your own LLM, choice of programming language, and development environment.

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