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Agile Software Development

Chances are good you’re “doing agile” but not seeing all the benefits promised once upon a time. Chances are good, also, that your teams are agile in name only. Successful agile teams adapt to changing business needs by consistently produce low-defect software that make your customers happy, and at a fairly consistent pace. They’re also truly enjoying their jobs and not getting burnt out.

Agile concepts and processes are easy to learn, but there are many serious pitfalls that teams commonly step into without even knowing there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Our agile training is designed for everyone involved with agile software development, including but not limited to managers, Scrum Masters, coaches, programmers, testers, business analysts, and project managers.

The class is broken into four segments: agile concepts, planning, teamwork, and development. All students attend the first three segments; the development segment is optional for non-technical attendees.

During each half-day segment, you’ll learn how to take agile to the next level. The focus is on moving behind strict application of the practices, focusing instead on more advanced concepts, techniques, and nuances of agile. You’ll learn through a combination of memorable hands-on group exercises, discussion, and lecture.


Agile concepts

  • Why Agile?

  • The Agile Manifesto / Agile Values

  • Modern agile values

  • Principles behind the agile manifesto

  • Roles in agile

  • Delivery

  • Incrementalism


  • User stories


  • Estimation

  • Prioritization

  • Card walls & story maps

  • Story splitting

  • Sprints & iterations

  • Information radiators

  • Agile tools

  • Stand-ups / daily scrums


  • Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

  • Workspace

  • Collaboration Pair programming

  • Minimizing ceremony

  • Mob programming

  • Lean concepts

  • Retrospectives


  • Software craft

  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • Technical debt

  • Refactoring / continuous design / simple design

  • Coding standards

  • Architecture / up-front design

  • Continuous integration (CI)

  • Continuous delivery (CD)

  • Code analysis

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