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Student Quotes

The following quotes are taken from student class evaluations and appear verbatim (other than clarifying elements provided in brackets [], and minor typographical corrections). Newest quotes appear first.

“Great class. Had more fun in this one compared to [another TDD class] I’d participated this. Mob tools made this a bit more fun. [Instructor was] knowledgeable, nice, kept things light. ” – anonymous

“This was an interesting class! It has exposed me to a lot of new concepts that I haven’t dealt with before. Most useful to me, since TDD is a new concept for me, was getting the chance to practice the cycle hands-on. It sounded easy when we first started, but I really had to consciously make myself go through the red-green-refactor instead of just writing out code. After the first two days of the exercises it got a lot easier for me. ” – anonymous

“Great interactive class of entry level TDD practices from start to finish. Instructor is super knowledgable and helpful. Straightfoward when going into the presentations without trying to over-complicate things that do not need to be. ” – Daniil R.

“Class is well structured. TDD is instantly applicable for the individual contributor. Fantastic hands-on examples. Mob programming works well in the class situation especially with remote folks. Jeff is attentive and knowledgeable. I appreciate his very “realistic” opinions on this (rather than being dogmatic towards TDD). ” – anonymous

“Instructor is great. ” – anonymous

“Jeff was great! When we were in our mobbing rooms he made sure to pop in and make sure we were on the right path as well as answer any questions we may have had. ” – anonymous

“I liked the balance of instructor led vs. hands on exercises. All of the segments were also a good length. Jeff explains things very well and is very knowledgable. Great teacher. ” – anonymous

“Very good mix of explanation and hands on training. The ideas were explained clearly in the presentation portion and I was able to gather a further understanding when I implemented the ideas with my team. Jeff is very knowledgeable about the topic. It is clear that he has taught this course multiple times and in multiple different languages. He did very well in explaining the concepts. ” – anonymous

“Overall, I thought the class was great. By attending this class, I believe I have a solid foundation to use TDD on my project. Jeff was fantastic. He was able to clearly communicate complex subjects that everyone could understand. I have tried taking an online TDD course before and left the class more confused than when I started. This was not the case with Jeff. I have the tools and knowledge to start implementing TDD into my project. ” – anonymous

“Great class overall. Alternating between presentation, quizzes and labs is an awesome way to keep the students engaged. It could be a 2.5 day class; there is a lot of material to cover. Jeff is excellent! He is quick on the draw, funny, and he knows the material like the back of his hand. He does a great job of going off-script when needed and offering advice tailored to the situation. ” – anonymous

“[The class was] very helpful. [Jeff is] knowledgeable and funny! ” – anonymous

“Always had a vague idea of TDD and got the idea but seeing in practice is very helpful. [Jeff has a] very informative style, easy to understand. ” – Alan P.

“It was well-structured. Lab work reflected lecture material quite well. [Jeff is] incredibly knowledgable, very personable. ” – anonymous

“Learned quite a lot about a workflow I was unfamiliar with. I know now a ton about TDD and even how to implement it into new projects. Instructor was very knowledgeable, talked at a good pace, easy to understand. ” – anonymous

“Very useful, full engaged two days, covered multiple topics. [Jeff was] very knowledgeable, explained concepts [in a] very detailed way. ” – Santhosh C.

“Great for people not familiar with TDD and pair/mob programming. It was tailored to our programming language, including the 3rd party unit test packages.
[Jeff] did an excellent job. He makes very compelling arguments to move towards TDD. Our team will definitely incorporate TDD. ” – Neil K.

“Excellent introduction to TDD. Hands on is the only way to go, and this class executed that very well, especially given our current all virtual situation!
Jeff was very knowledgeable and personable.
[This course was a ] great refresher, and thanks for the reminder that practicing our craft requires just that - practice. I enjoyed the class very much and learned a lot. Jeff did an excellent job and I’d take another class from him. ” – anonymous

“I enjoyed the class very much and learned a lot. Jeff did an excellent job and I’d take another class from him. ” – Neil K.

“The course really tied everything I learned together. ” – Haiwen Z.

“…This hands-on experience helped us a lot. ” – Amit S.

“I really enjoyed this course. ” – Brian C.

“Content was fantastic ” – anonymous

“Loved it! I expect this to significantly impact our team and our future sprints. ” – Robert B.

“Highly recommended ” – Jim

“the most valuable training I have attended ” – anonymous

“The instructor is well rounded and knows the subject very well. His experience and knowledge of the subject matter helped me to understand not only TDD but also approaches to better software development methods. ” – anonymous

“A definite leader in the industry. Was able to answer all questions. ” – Kevin L.

“Knew the material well and really helped to keep it interesting. ” – Jerry

“Friendly, knows what he is talking about, accepts suggestions readily. ” – Haseen H.

“This is a really excellent course ” – Ajaz R.

“Excellent ” – Moussa K.

“I had fun! The course was an excellent review for me, and reinforced what I have previously learned about TDD and refactoring. More importantly, I believe the course has given me the ability to improve my skills greatly. ” – Emily L.

“Very informative. Learned a lot. ” – anonymous

“The content was great and easy to follow along with. Instructor was clear with the points and exciting to listen to. ” – Chris B.

“Very useful. Directly related to our work. … Excellent. ” – Jie R.

“Excellent course. Enjoyed it. ” – Srini S.

“Great course. I wish [my company] would pay for my whole dev team to attend. ” – Derek S.

“Willing to help and give good feedback during exercises. ” – Linea B

“Enjoyable and educational. Perfect for mid-grade TDD. ” – anonymous

“Honest, always open to questions, extremely knowledgeable on subjects with real-world experience. ” – anonymous

“Liked how we could jump around depending on where he thought we needed to be. ” – anonymous

“Very knowledgeable, very good at explaining and using examples. ” – anonymous

“Very knowledgeable and open to ideas from class attendees. Also brought good real world knowledge to classroom and could draw upon real world examples. … Great! ” – Diane K.

“Awesome! This has been the most relevant course to my daily duties. [Jeff] knows his stuff. ” – anonymous

“Good content! Great job! Excellent course! ” – anonymous

“The material was up to date with best approaches in the industry. Exceeded expectations, and they were high to start with! ” – Tom J.

“The content of the course was directly applicable to the development skills that I need to grow. Jeff is a great instructor. His experience allows him to lead a very practical and real-world class. ” – anonymous

“Very useful and enjoyed very much. Learned TDD in very realistic way to approach. One very excellent and practical training classes I have attended. ” – anonymous

“Lots of helpful information that I can apply to my everyday tasks. ” – anonymous

“Great course. I feel like I learned a lot. ” – anonymous

“Very informative course with lots of techniques to unit test code. Lots of great information abuot TDD! I learned so much. ” – Vinicio A. Aizpurua

“Great amount of content for the short amount of time allotted for the training. ” – Kyle Turner

“Content was precisely what I needed to help expand my TDD knowledge, and 99% of the content is applicable to my day to day tasks. Course progressed in a meaningful way, not too difficult, not too easy. Slides were more useful than other presentations I’ve attended–they make for great reuse/practice. ” – Mike Bruzina

“The course was very beneficial. After 2 years of programming with TDD I thought I knew most of how to test code but this cleared up confusions and things I did wrong. ” – Stephen L.

“Properly positioned me to be able to evolve my TDD skills. ” – Matt Cummings

“Would recommend to others! ” – anonymous

“I like that Jeff focused on solving some of the things that could be improved in our projects. Well-defined action items came out of the class. ” – anonymous

“Fantastic teaching skills. Even complex topics were communicated in a simple way. … Every developer should go through this training. ” – Raghu N.

“Energetic, knowledgable, keeps it interesting. ” – Priyanka J.

“Very insightful. Would love to adapt this practice in development. ” – Nanda D.

“Course content is very good and really helped to understand [TDD] better. ” – anonymous

“It’s been an eye opener … ” – anonymous

“The content and instructor are awesome! Wish the training lasted longer. ” – Utkarsh S.

“Overall great and very useful, I got a lot out of it! ” – anonymous

“Really good in explaining and very confident in giving the right answers to the queries/clarifications. ” – anonymous

“Knows what he is speaking about and was very clear in explaining things. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff] was very detailed and had experience in field. Hands-on exercises were relevant and got teams to experience material. ” – anonymous

“TDD does seem to be of real value to improve your code/design. I was skeptical coming into the class …. ” – Noor Z.

“Good use of live demos. I liked the in-class exercises. Lectures were clear. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff was] insightful and knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“Great class. ” – anonymous

“Excellent course for those who interact with unit testing on day-to-day basis. ” – anonymous

“Eye-opening course … ” – anonymous

“Jeff is very knowledgeable and a very good instructor. ” – anonymous

“Very unexpected, learned how unit testing can be done easier and not mundane while adding value from the get-go. ” – anonymous

“… this course is great to educate developers on good design practice. ” – anonymous

“Extremely valuable training course. ” – anonymous

“Enjoyed learning it, looking forward to using it. ” – anonymous

“Jeff did a great job. He answered questions in a patient, clear manner… ” – anonymous

“The course helped me put TDD in proper perspective. … Jeff kept us all engaged. ” – Nehal K

“Well worth the time. [Instructor is] great. Very knowledgeable, polite, patient, and attentive. ” – Carlos P.

“Good course. Good to see dogma-free TDD discussions and a practical approach to TDD. ” – Bazil G.

“Very good course. Jeff excels at explaining the entire spectrum of TDD, unit tests, legacy code, and the pros and cons of TDD. ” – Ben H.

“Jeff knows his stuff and it is great that he can talk from personal experience. ” – Hano B.

“Skilled exponent of TDD. Excellent communicator. Not dogmatic, quite balanced view of pros & cons of TDD and unit testing. ” – Chris C.

“Very clear and effective. ” – anonymous

“Very convincing. ” – anonymous

“[Instructor is] knowledgeable. Pragmatic. Encourages exploring different techniques before deciding on which one to adopt. ” – anonymous

“Good content, good pacing, interesting and useful exercises. [Instructor has] very good presentation skills. Obviously has relevant real-world experience. Excellent. ” – anonymous

“Knows his stuff. Is nice to have an instructor that isn’t too dogmatic in his approach to TDD. ” – anonymous

“Knows a lot about TDD and why it is beneficial. Good level of interaction. Instructor very approachable. ” – anonymous

“Excellent course on TDD. Good conceptual understanding of TDD after the course along with some lab sessions. Instructor understood the level of audience and delivered in accordance with [their] need. Quite knowledgeable person with deep understanding of TDD … & other methodologies. Learnt actual TDD approach coming up with problem solution/design while developing the TDD framework. Really great & different view. ” – Nachiket D.

“Relevant to the work I’m doing. ” – anonymous

“Good introduction to TDD. Good mix of labs, lectures, and promoting the value of TDD… Jeff communicates the content well. Pacing is about right. ” – anonymous

“An excellent starting point on TDD if you are new to the subject. Excellent material and examples. [Instructor] knows what he is doing! … This course gave me a very good understanding on the subject. I believe this course will enable me to get started with TDD more effectively and quicker. ” – anonymous

“Very good description of TDD. [Instructor] knew course material well. ” – Richard N.

“The course was very good overall. [Instructor had] very good knowledge of his subject. ” – Christophe B.

“Helped me identify better ways to begin testing. ” – Kirk U.

“Excellent overview highlighting reasons behind established practices. ” – anonymous

“Informative and engaging. Able to quickly cover a large idea very effectively. ” – anonymous

“I think the course is well-planned and delivered; I have learned a great deal. The instructor is very knowledgeable, experienced, and very helpful. ” – Tracy X.

“It was very good and I learned a lot. [Jeff] seemed very knowledgable in everything he taught. ” – anonymous

“Great course, explained why as well as how. ” – Brett C.

“The simple examples were easy to follow while still demonstrating the point well. Would be especially useful for inexperienced developers. [Jeff is] personable, passionate, and charismatic. Enjoyable to listen to over the course of a three-day class. ” – Thomas D.

“Very good course. I learned a lot about what I was lacking before like how to start and mocking. Good examples from [Jeff’s] previous jobs helped show importance of topics. ” – Zach W.

“Great introduction to TDD. I am sold on the concept. [Jeff is] very good. Explains concepts well and the reasons of their importance. ” – Hunter S.

“Great exercises. [Jeff is] good at explaining things, with history and “why” of subjects. ” – David F.

“Great insight into Test-Driven Development, whether you are brand-new to the concept, or have been practicing it for a while. Incorporates a brief history of TDD to what is currently being used today, and the best practices for each. A very open and discussive environment if one may need to understand something better. [Jeff is] Very knowledgeable on TDD; takes the time to ask us how to get to the next step instead of rushing ahead and leaving people behind. Very approachable and open to any question one may have. Great to follow along as he goes through the exercises. [The class] was a great formal introduction to TDD that I’ve needed. Filled the gap to any questions I may have had from learning TDD on my own. ” – Scott B.

“Very valuable. Very useful to educate management about the benefits of agile. ” – anonymous

“Excellent ” – anonymous

“Good practical course ” – anonymous

“Really enjoyed it. I’ve been working in agile for some time, and the course still gave me some things to think about. [Jeff] made the topics easy to follow and kept people engaged. ” – Ben G.

“Solid intro. ” – anonymous

“Good overview of agile. [Jeff is] knowledgeable and fluid. ” – anonymous

“Very informative. Conversationalist style kept me engaged. ” – anonymous

“Very informative; good exercises. Jeff is very knowledgeable. ” – Rick P.

“I liked it, well organized. [Jeff is] very good and well prepared. ” – anonymous

“Helped us understand agile practices. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable and overall a good trainer. ” – anonymous

“I liked the concrete exercises. [Jeff is] very clear in instruction/description, great real-world examples. ” – anonymous

“Good course. Interactive, good presentation. ” – anonymous

“Very informative. Having zero knowledge of agile before this class, I feel I understand the process now. [Jeff is] well-spoken and knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“The material covered was applicable and will be useful. Pulled together the pieces of information I already had. [Jeff] knows his materials. Good speaker. He did not just do a textbook delivery of the information. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff is] knowledgeable and clearly experienced. ” – anonymous

“This course complemented the pre-course reading material, not just a re-hash. [Jeff is] informative, knowledgeable, interactive, and entertaining. He presented it in a way I could learn from. ” – anonymous

“Good content; useful concepts. [Jeff is] knowledgeable, energetic; good delivery. ” – anonymous

“As an overview, I found the course very informative. [Jeff is] very informative. ” – anonymous

“Informative, interactive. [Jeff is] punctual, helpful, clear and understanding. Engages with students. ” – anonymous

“Training is good, I believe this could work within the the organization. [Jeff] conducted the training in a very fluent way. Concepts were good, examples were good, good rhythm. ” – Alejandro F.

“Good introduction to agile! [Jeff is] very knowledgeable and experienced. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff] has a good presentation style. Very knowledgeable on the agile methodology. ” – anonymous

“Very relevant to where we want to be. [Jeff] kept a good pace. ” – anonymous

“Very good content, easy to understand. [Jeff is] very good; content covered was well-communicated. ” – anonymous

“Good overview. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“Jeff, you’re very knowledgeable, engaging, well spoken. Presentation was great and applicable. I will apply what was presented in my daily work. ” – anonymous

“Great. Very helpful! ” – anonymous

“Great course! ” – anonymous

“Clearly explained; good examples ” – anonymous

“It was very informative and quickly covers a lot of material in a short amount of time. ” – anonymous

“Informative, easy to follow. ” – anonymous

“This is a great course. ” – anonymous

“Excellent – good balance between demonstration and hands-on. ” – anonymous

“Very informative. ” – anonymous

“The course was very interesting and detailed. A lot of content. The instructor was awesome! Very knowledgeable about the course. ” – Zehra P.

“Good refresher course. Liked that it was interactive. ” – Lars O.

“Jeff articulately explained Fitnesse and related testing concepts. [He is] high energy, passionate, patient. ” – anonymous

“A lot of great information condensed into two full days. Jeff was a great resource on basic and advanced Fitnesse principles. ” – anonymous

“Jeff is good! He’s also willing to answer all questions. ” – anonymous

“Excellent. [Jeff is a] Fitnesse expert, very friendly and helpful. ” – Sudeep K.

“Good info. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“Great course. ” – anonymous

“I had something to learn from every aspect of the class. ” – anonymous

“I learnt a whole new method of software development. Very fascinating. ” – anonymous

“Very informative. Exactly what I needed. ” – anonymous

“Comprehensive. Very good exercises [which] made us think and work through the problems. ” – David R.

“Excellent. ” – anonymous

“Helped with overall understanding of TDD practice. [Instructor] did well with covering all relevant topics. ” – anonymous

“The course provided excellent first-hand experience working with TDD. Jeff was a great instructor, spoke clearly, and paced the class well. He provided excellent examples and assistance during the course. ” – Brandon F.

“As someone who started programming with TDD a long time ago, this was a great refresher. Jeff was really clear while answering questions, encouraging pairing and interaction. Weighing the pros & cons of a certain method of doing things provided a clear sense of where the trade-off was involved. ” – Sreevatsa S.

“I initially bristled at the idea of pair-programming. Jeff convinced me that it’s worth a try. So I’d say he’s got an effective style. ” – Peter Y.

“It made me think about development in a different way! Good / well-paced class. ” – Terry B.

“This course was well-constructed and reasonably well-paced. The instructor did a good job of ‘selling’ the concept of TDD. I feel a lot less skeptical about the approach than I was initially, and am keen to put the approach into practice. ” – Kelvin H.

“Very useful course, from both theoretical and especially practical perspectives. Jeff is a very knowledgeable instructor. He explores subject from different sides, explains how a problem might be solved in different languages / frameworks. ” – Azat S.

“I really enjoyed the course… Jeff’s great; he’s constantly asking for and adapting to feedback. ” – Tiffany

“I feel much more confident about TDD and refactoring best practices. It makes me more passionate about the “art” of software development. [Jeff] knows his stuff. I like that he used index cards for questions. Very adaptable to the needs/understanding of the class. ” – anonymous

“The course was a great introductory to TDD and how it improves the efficiency of your code. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable and great examples through experience to share with the class. ” – anonymous

“I enjoyed the course. I have been doing TDD for a while, so it was a good refresher course for me, and would be an excellent course for a beginner. [Jeff is] very good at explaining concepts, open-minded and open to discussions, helpful, and doesn’t talk down to beginners. ” – Jeff S.

“[Jeff is] very smart and knowledgeable. Great to hear solid insight on a lot of patterns and the ideas behind doing things certain ways. ” – anonymous

“Jeff made the topics easy to follow. He was also very helpful during the exercises without giving away too much. ” – Derek M.

“[Jeff is] very well informed. Felt like was being taught by a code guru. Excited to say I was taught by a contributor of “Clean Code. ” – John S.

“Very good course that provides a broad overview on TDD practices and techniques. [Jeff is a ] very knowledgeable expert on test-driven development who provides insight on industry practices. ” – Daniel

“[Jeff is] clearly an expert on the subject. ” – Sam

“The course is just enough to get the best of TDD. ” – anonymous

“This is a good course for learning TDD, why we need to use TDD and how to do it. Jeff is a great instructor and knowledgeable. Learnt a lot through this course. ” – Tony M.

“I thought this course was very helpful. It had a good balance of explanation and practice. ” – anonymous

“The course was informative and filled with lots of good content. Jeff is a skilled and competent instructor. He builds a safe environment to express questions and to be wrong in the effort to grow. I would gladly learn from Jeff again. ” – David B.

“Well done. Very good intro to TDD. Everything was explained well with good examples. ” – Josh S.

“Very thorough course on test driven development. Good reminders on how to test and when to test. Great overview of the importance of unit testing, of mocking, and framework mockito. I also thoroughly enjoyed the pairing exercises. [Jeff is] very energetic and connectable. Easily grabs attention of audience and keeps it throughout entire lecture. Helpful and insightful when answering questions. ” – Taylor S

“Very informative. Material presented has been very relevant and applicable to the day-to-day work I do. Very valuable. Mr. Langr has been amazing. He covers material thoroughly and presents ideas in a clear, concise manner. I felt engaged and got a lot out of this course. ” – Cameron

“Course contents are good. Useful links on the course. [Jeff is] Very good and thorough. Good knowledge about TDD and concepts. ” – Vipul

“Informative/helpful/overall good way to understand unit testing. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable on topic. ” – anonymous

“Interesting, engaging, team exercises fun. [Jeff is] enthusiastic, personable, engaging, knew his stuff. ” – Drew

“Very good course coming from a QA perspective. Good instructor. ” – Andrew C.

“Extremely helpful. Jeff seemed very knowledgeable on the subject. ” – Michael B.

“Very informative course that gives a good base for starting unit testing. A lot of new information. [Jeff] answers all questions right away, gives hints what would possibly can be changed. ” – anonymous

“Enjoyed the course, learned a lot. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“Learned a lot about TDD, it’s helpful for my work. Jeff is knowledgeable and clearly taught us how TDD works. ” – anonymous

“Loved the course content. Covered what I was expecting. I liked how the instructor conducted class. Liked the idea of pairing during exercises. Loved the class. ” – Salman R.

“Good course. Started slow but I liked the exercises on days 2 and 3. [Jeff was] knowledgeable and was open to helping anyone with any problem. ” – Craig W.

“Course was excellent. Very interactive, great instructor. [How might we improve the course?] You can’t, it was fantastic. ” – Aaron G.

“Enjoyable and insightful. [Jeff was] knowledgeable and engaging. ” – anonymous

“Instructor knows the material well, and is well prepared to answer questions. ” – anonymous

“This course was great. This will help me to implement TDD in future project. ” – anonymous

“Course really was helpful. Instructor was helpful and was prepared with the good exercises. ” – anonymous

“I really enjoyed these three days and I got to learn a lot of new tricks. I felt Jeff is very knowledgeable and he knows his stuff as well as very good instructor. ” – Yatin P.

“No issues with course. Helps with returning to coding area. Excellent. ” – Russ K.

“Very interesting. Made me look at/consider new ways of looking at things. Very eye-opening. [Jeff is] very personable & knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff is] very knowledgeable, great presentation skill. ” – anonymous

“Course was well thought out and provided several opportunities to practice. Jeff was very well spoken and provided a great depth of knowledge and experience. ” – anonymous

“Good intro and then gradual build up to the more interesting stuff we would do on a daily basis. Good paced. Clear and easy to understand. ” – anonymous

“Interesting course, good mix of practical and explanations. Lots of helpful hints on other part of development, such as refactoring and working with legacy code. ” – anonymous

“The course was awesome. Learnt lot of new things on TDD and refactoring. Jeff is one of the best instructors I have come across. Very thorough and technical. ” – anonymous

“Awesome stuff! Jeff is outstanding. Very knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“Loved it. Thank you for presenting. [Jeff is] extremely knowledgable. Challenged the class and made it fun. ” – anonymous

“Very interesting. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable and very thoughtful. Covered all required concepts. ” – anonymous

“It is definitely a useful course. It helped me a lot on understanding the importance of TDD. [Jeff is] very inclusive. Entire session was interactive. ” – anonymous

“Really enjoyed it. I liked the tradeoff between lecture and active development. [Jeff has] excellent knowledge of subject matter. Obvious he has a lot of experience in this topic. ” – anonymous

“Very informational and exercises kept me to review the discussed subject. [Jeff is] very intelligent and knew what he was talking about. I know programmers can be hard to deal with but you did very well to answer everything! ” – Hung P.

“Very informative about TDD. Very good example exercises that reinforced the concepts being taught. Instructor was very knowledgeable about both TDD and coding in general. He was very good at adopting examples and discussions to incorporate questions or topics brought up by the class. ” – Alex L.

“Very good and worthwhile. Reminded developers of the key parts of creating code which is elegant and testable. Great delivery, approachable and friendly. ” – anonymous

“More useful than expected. Very focused and explained in detail. Covered design aspects also. ” – Khaleel M.

“1. Well structured. 2. Engaging–lots of hands on. 3. I followed every bit of it. Jeff is knowledgeable, lots of experience on the topics he discussed. Jeff managed time well. He discussed all the exercises we did. ” – anonymous

“It has been very educational for someone with little unit testing experience. Very good job, knowledgeable in many areas. ” – anonymous

“Very hands-on, engaging & awesome. Very well planned course. No point of time was bored in the class. ” – Arun T.

“Very useful to see what is TDD. Keep doing good teaching. I like your teaching style. ” – anonymous

“Very good and useful. ” – Satheesh K. M.

“Very good jump start for a beginner programmer. Good knowledge on the course. ” – anonymous

“Very useful content that helps to create better written, better designed code. Liked that it was very hands-on. [Jeff is] energetic, passionate, prepared, knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“The course was very good in getting a very good understanding of test-driven development. Unit test writing can be improved a lot with this course. Mob/pair programming seemed very interesting. Jeff was very precise and clear. The exercises were fun and we learned some very useful stuff. ” – anonymous

“Concise and conceptual with exercises to realize. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable, good articulation and presentation. ” – Gautam M.

“Good–changes approach to the problem. [Jeff is a] knowledgeable person and good speaker. ” – anonymous

“Good start to understanding TDD. Really good hands on exercises. Good setup and material to get people started. ” – anonymous

“Very helpful and informational about TDD approach. [Jeff is] friendly and helpful to run the tests. ” – anonymous

“Learned lots of new content. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable. ” – anonymous

“A broad introduction to BDD. [Jeff] facilitated lively discussion. Allowed class to discuss LN specific complexities. ” – anonymous

“Very enlightening. I was only vaguely familiar with BDD and this course provided a lot of information and answers to my question. Excellent class and teaching style. ” – anonymous

“This is a very useful class. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable. ” – Rong W.

“This is an engaging course. Lots of great information about BDD. Jeff does a great job explaining the concepts as well as debating schools of thought. He does a great job of facilitating conversations. Thank you for this course. :-) ” – Cheryl G.

“[Jeff is] very good, clear delivery and knowledgeable. ” – Sean G.

“Very informative. I came in with some knowledge of TDD. The practical hands-on exercises helped explain/reinforce topics for me. I also learned a few new things in the course as well. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable on the subject matter. I enjoyed his teaching style. ” – Jason P.

“It was a good course. I learned a lot of new things. The exercises were fun. [Jeff] explained everything in detail. Had in-depth knowledge on the topics he was explaining. ” – anonymous

“Great class! Lots of fun in learning. Lots of valuable practice during class. No pressure. [Jeff is] very knowledgable. Clear flow on instruction giving valuable practice. ” – Rong W.

“Learned a lot what TDD is about. [Jeff is] very knowledgable and hands-on. ” – anonymous

“The course was great! This course really helped to solidify my understanding of TDD. I liked that we had a good portion of time dedicated to practicing the concepts. Jeff is a wonderful instructor. He is very knowledgeable of the material, and he is very helpful in explaining the concepts. ” – Cheryl G.

“Course is nice, learned more on TDD. Being an experienced developer, most of the unit testing concepts are already known. [Jeff is] nice and interactive. ” – anonymous

“Very engaging. Liked the exercises that were given to work on. [Jeff is] good and resourceful. ” – anonymous

“Informative and practical. [Jeff is] engaging, patient, passionate about the subject. ” – anonymous

“I really enjoyed having a lot of exercises to do with a different colleague each time. ” – anonymous

“Nice exercises to work with. [Jeff is] very experienced. He had the right answer for most of our questions. ” – Luis N.

“Very interesting, covers well TDD providing many references to go into details and learn more. ” – Massimilliano B.

“Interesting and useful. Liked the hands-on format. Liked the clean delivery of the course and the pragmatic approach to TDD. ” – anonymous

“Interesting, nice exercises. Clear explanations. ” – Juliette P.

“Very clear and hands on. Very knowledgeable and down-to-earth instructor. ” – Carlos

“Overall interesting and useful. Lots of additional valuable information from the questions / discussions. ” – anonymous

“Very good surprise to have someone really communicative and enthusiastic about TDD without being [?] about it. Also like you put emphasis on experience and no strict rules but more general guidelines. ” – anonymous

“Nice combination of demonstration and hands-on experience. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable, easy to have an open discussion with. Accessible for feedback and questions. ” – Hon Fai C.

“Broad coverage. Good recap of TDD. Clear speaking, clear slides. Good answers to questions, helpful insights. ” – anonymous

“Thorough and honest summary of TDD practices. Jeff is knowledgeable, explains well the concepts. I like the way he distills the message of certain schools / books / articles. Takes questions seriously and happy to answer / reflect on them. ” – anonymous

“I loved the collaborative nature of the course with the mob exercises. I felt that I was learning through others quickly with their advice on how to fix the code and make unit tests. The jokes and fun teaching style also keeps the class fun and engaging. Also I appreciate how the teacher helped guide the exercise and mob sessions. Everyone felt comfortable and learned a lot. ” – Shaun M.

“Very helpful. Lots of ‘thought grenads’ that will come in handy. Although class was Java-based, I should be able to apply to other languages. [ Jeff has a ] deep knowledge of the topic. Very professional when faced with averse conditions (Eclipse, interrupts). ” – Andy P.

“The course was organized very well. Good balance of concepts and application of / practicing concepts. Jeff is very good at explaining concepts clearly and understanding/answering students’ questions. He does a good job at keeping his students engaged. ” – Kenneth T.

“Great class. Every session … was very clearly developed. Great flow and preparation. [Jeff has] in-depth knowledge of the topics. It is very impresive to see how hands-on Jeff is. The teaching is effective. ” – Sunny Y.

“The TDD techniques are very helpful. I’ve already applied it at home and I was able to get a new section of code working very quickly and with high-levels of confidence. ” – Paul W.

“Fantastic. Great job on explaining mindset and incremental TDD. Learned previously but nowhere near this well so dropped using it. ” – anonymous

“Used mob programming to work through exercises. Very hands-on and engaging experience. Awesome course! ” – anonymous

“It has made me want to try true test-first development where I’d kind of given up. ” – Darren C.

“Great job, the instructor has an outstanding knowledge on sucbject–thank him for the pair programming and mob programming. ” – anonymous

“Excellent. ” – Manish J.

“Loved it! Eager to see what’s it going to be like trying to apply it within our team. Instructor is very well prepared and experienced on the subject matter. Thus, it feels natural which is great, especially during question or discussion time. ” – Oscar E.

“[Jeff was] outstanding. ” – anonymous

“Well-tailored to the class–skipping slides that aren’t relevant, and going more in-depth with areas we’re interested in. Not completely converted to TDD, but definitely gave me new ideas to think about and approach tests. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff] did a good job. Very well spoken and easily understandable. A lot of valuable information regarding TDD. ” – Yared T.

“I valued the information. [Jeff] took the course very seriously. I appreciated that. I enjoyed the course ” – Nikolas S.

“[Jeff has] excellent communication skills. I liked the questions and how he paused / waited for response. He handled answers well. ” – Scott B.

“I loved Jeff’s instructional style. It was very engaging and made you think critically about your current practices. I think there are very compelling reasons and value to be gained from TDD. I can’t wait to implement what I learned. ” – anonymous

“This program helped me clearly understand what [practices including TDD, pairing and mobbing] really mean and how it benefits the individual, team, and the product. Everything in the program was very useful to me and what I was looking to learn. Very well led by Jeff. Appreciate how he managed to cover a lot of subject in the short time span and how he managed to provide a safe environment to be comfortable and to our best in the training. ” – Vijeytha D.

“I think it will help my team become more efficient. I thought the instructor did a great job of keeping the class engaged and enthused about the program. [This course] helps create a good foundation for TDD and a good starting off point. ” – Tim

“The variety of pairing/mobbing helped me learn quickly. ” – Cale

“[Jeff] is good, knows a lot about the subject. ” – Anudeep

“[Jeff] is good and has real knowledge on TDD. [This class] would be a good starting point for anyone who wants to do TDD. ” – Ram A.

“[Jeff is] awesome! ” – anonymous

“[Most helpful:”] The feedback Jeff gave to questions. His responses were very insightful. It is clear he is extremely knowledgeable. Jeff had the ability to provide a lot of information while still having time for questions. ” – anonymous

“Jeff was able to entertain constructive conversation but always brought the class back to the focus subject. 5: Outstanding. Effective, quick course. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff is] Great! ” – Chetna A.

“[This program will] help make [my test cases] better and improve in my code writing and testing. ” – Anil K.

“It was an excellent level set for the team. Jeff helped clarify some of my own confusion about where TDD starts and ends. [Jeff] did a great job of keeping discusison on topic. 5: outstanding ” – Justin S.

“5, outstanding. This is a foundational technique I would like to see grow. It was fun. ” – Kieran B.

“I really enjoyed the exercises. Also, I think I have a better appreciation for not cheating in TDD. ” – Andrew M.

“It was nice to refresh my knowledge of TDD principles and best practices. Jeff did a good job with the material and the audience. Thanks Jeff–great class! ” – Pat G.

“Some parts of theory were difficult to grasp without context, especially early on day! This got easier as we progressed. Instructor is very knowledgeable and clear. [Jeff was] also very responsive to questions and comments, including offline. TDD has value that I didn’t appreciate before this course. I think others who are skeptical could see the same impact. I came to the course interested, but not sold on the value or applicability of TDD. My mind has been changed. I can see how my approach to testing & development could be much improved with practice. ” – Carlos D.

“5, outstanding. [Recommend to learn proper approach to TDD. ” – Sunny D.

“Instructor has great knowledge on subject and ability to lead the course. This is a great intro course to TDD that allows practice with guidance. ” – Nick B.

“[Instructor was] great. It was fun being in the program. ” – Sajith K.

“It helped [me] learn how to write efficient and good quality code, [and] reduce rework and defects. ” – anonymous

“Refactoring code was really valuable because we were able to apply a lot of the abstract concepts to a real example. [Jeff was] really awesome! It was a great opportunity to learn more about TDD. ” – Pat C.

“[Jeff] was a great instructor. [I would recommend this course to others because] I highly value TDD and the benefits it brings. ” – anonymous

“The working examples [were of most value to me]. Learning is better when actively participating. [Jeff has] expert knowledge in the field. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff was] explaining very clearly and slowly. It was [an] enjoyable and useful time. ” – anonymous

“Jeff is great and very knowledgeable. Gave very good examples. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff was] able to engage very well with the class. [Would recommend] due to overwhelming benefits of TDD. ” – Edwin F.

“The course was very practical and interactive with real world problems. The instructor articulated his thoughts very well and had good knowledge on the subject. ” – anonymous

“Pairing with multiple people was nice to get exposure to different programming styles. This [course] was helpful to get more in the mindset of implementing TDD in everyday code. Great job! ” – Angela S.

“It was a great pleasure to attend this training. Great TDD training! ” – Ajay K.

“Jeff’s thoughtful and circumspect answers and discussions around my pointed and critical questions shifted my perspective on TDD tremendously. Jeff did a great job linking the time constraints of the class exercises to the business-world constraints. Furthermore, his declarative, functional style in code earned a tremendous amount of respect and credibility. ” – WM

“It was helpful to try the techniques, then immediately get feedback and discuss them. ” – anonoymous

“[Jeff was] great. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff] is very experienced. He knows how to get all the participants engaged. ” – anonymous

“… A head-start to anyone who wants to follow TDD. ” – Gopinathan J.

“[Jeff was] outstanding. ” – Saminathan G.

“It was great. [Jeff is] very knowledgeable! ” – anonymous

“Jeff was great. ” – anonymous

“[Jeff] was very clear, precise and to the point. He used time wisely and provided opportunity to practice and collaborate with other teams. [He] was able to lead effectively. ” – Samuel D.

“[Jeff is] very knowledgeable, and could explain concepts clearly and succinctly. [The class] did a good job explaining the importance of TDD, and also good practices when refactoring. ” – anonymous

“All around fantastic! ” – Michael L.

“[I learned] about different ways to approach problems so that TDD can be more easily applied. This allowed me to create some actionable ways to us this in my work. [Jeff] was great! Engaging and knowledgeable. I liked the course. ” – Tristan A.

“Watching how TDD could result in optimal code even when starting suboptimally was a surprise. I never realized how much refactoring could be used during TDD. Very pleased with instructor’s abilities. Good use of examples to show TDD’s benefits. Good insights for cleaner code. ” – Joe W.

“Learnt better ways to explain and demonstrate TDD and reinforces my opinion of TDD. [Jeff was] very well prepared, obviously very passionate. Explained ideas eloquently and in easy to understand ways. [TDD is a] very useful practices for all devs to learn ” – anonymous

“Jeff did a great job breaking down complex ideas / work patterns into language that was easy to follow and understand. [This class] teaches habits all devs should follow. ” – Jared E.

“The examples / practice we did was very valuable because we got to do it ourselves and that helped me learn it more than just watching someone. [Jeff] lead well and was very knowledgeable, especially in telling us why TDD is important and not just how to use it. [This class] helped me feel more comfortable with TDD. ” – anonymous

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